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About Us


Tanishqa Builders was founded in 2010 in Hubballi by Vinay Kumar Bheemayya to professionally undertake real estate and construction projects. Tanishqa Builders was established with the goal of achieving excellence in this field by adhering to the ideals of timely delivery, business ethics, and transparency.

Tanishqa Builders specialises in modern and peaceful design based projects, drawing inspiration from the best. Tanishqa Builders, with its keen foresight, adopted innovative technology and the most recent developments in construction science well ahead of schedule, allowing for faster execution and the delivery of high-quality products.

We believe that real estate is about more than just putting up four walls; it is about "Building a Better Life." This is the philosophy that has led Tanishqa Builders to deliver some of the world's finest developments, which have become some of the city's most iconic addresses and most desirable residences.

Tanishqa's greatest asset is its skilled and experienced workforce. We Tanishqa Builders employ best-in-class consultants and contractors in addition to in-house resources to deliver quality projects. Our company's operations are based on the principles of high quality, superior construction, and high consumer satisfaction at affordable price.

Our residential and commercial spaces cater to every market segment, from super luxury to budget, allowing every aspiring consumer to realise their dream.



We are passionate about affordable housing, and our capability and mission are to deliver high-quality homes on time.

We take pride in creating your luxury home, complete with well-designed living spaces and world-class amenities, and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction.



Tanishqa Builders employs formal and structured construction management techniques, as well as a frequent feedback system, in order to become one of the most efficient real estate development companies in the industry.

Tanishqa Builders is committed to consistently exceeding expectations in the design, development, construction, and marketing of residential and commercial complexes.

We are fully dedicated to progressive practises at all levels, and we use the most innovative design and construction techniques, as well as safety protocols, as a policy matter.




  1. To strive to go beyond our commitments.
  2. To explore all possibilities to overcome challenges.
  3. All our actions are backed by positive intentions.


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